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Grand View Assisted Living Nutrition Series - A Staff Training Program
PRODUCT: Five Interactive CD-ROMs and Five Program Workbooks
GOAL: The overall, long term goal of our program is to improve the quality of care for persons residing in assisted living facilities by providing effective and affordable education to assisted living caregivers. The training program is in an innovative, interactive, multimedia computer-based training format appealing to a variety of learning styles. It is designed to encompass a primary domain of practice in assisted living and the program includes training modules for elderly care nutrition. INNOVATIVE FEATURE: Computer-based training (CBT) presents the learner with some choices and is a step toward individualized training. The advantages of Computer-based training (CBT) are as follows: 1. Computer technology allows information to be delivered to learners in a variety of methods, which enhances learning and appeals to individual learning styles. 2. CBT can reduce training costs by 30-50 percent. 3. Learners using CBT are able to complete the training 30 percent faster than traditional methods. 4. CBT allows learners to receive immediate feedback regarding their work, which contributes to their independence. 5. Computer technologies allow real world environments to be simulated to provide instruction that would otherwise require an actual “hands-on” performance. Simulations have been found to be very effective in training individuals to manage social or sensitive problems. 6. CBT is an effective mode of training for assisted living facilities because the training can be done on-site and does not require travel or missed production hours. ACCOUNTABLE AND ENGAGING LEARNING EXPERIENCE There are pre- and post-chapter tests to qualify the participant in achieving the successful completion of the program. CareTrends will acknowledge the participant with a Certificate of Completion of the complete Grand View Assisted Living Nutrition Series.

The Grand View Assisted Living Nutrition Series
An Interactive Staff Training Program for Caregivers
CONTENTS: Five Interactive CD-ROMs and Five Program Workbooks Program #1 MEETING THE NUTRITIONAL NEEDS OF THE OLDER ADULT Chapter 1: Nutrition and Aging Chapter 2: Physiological Changes in Older Adults Chapter 3: Common Nutrition Problems of Older Adults Chapter 4: Preparing Nutrient-Dense Meals Chapter 5: Assuring Adequate Intake for Residents Programs #2 DETERMINING THE NUTRITIONAL NEEDS OF THE OLDER ADULT Chapter 1: Nutrition Basics Chapter 2: Food Recalls and Diet Diaries Chapter 3: Nutrition Screening Devices Chapter 4: Practice Screenings Chapter 5: Putting it all together Program #3 SPECIALIZED DIETARY CONSIDERATIONS Chapter 1: Physical Psychological & Social Changes Related to Aging Chapter 2: Health Problems that require Special Diets Chapter 3: Nutrition for People with Diabetes Chapter 4: Meal Planning for Cardiovascular Disease Chapter 5: Prevention & Treatment of Osteoporosis Through Nutrition Program #4 THE 3P’s: MEAL PREFERENCES, PLANNING AND PURCHASING Chapter 1: Food Preferences and Presentation Chapter 2: Ethnics Food Preferences Chapter 3: Planning Individualized Meals Chapter 4: Planning Versatile Menus for Groups Chapter 5: Food Purchasing and Storage Program #5 FOOD SAFETY AND PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS Chapter 1: Food Safety & Temperature Controls Chapter 2: Safe Food Handling & Preparation Techniques Chapter 3: Improving Nutrition among Older Adults Chapter 4: Nutrition for Residents with Health Problems Chapter 5: Principles of Menu Planning